SeaEagle Sail Cat

The SeaEagle Sail Cat is a great inflatable sailboat which has been enhanced in 2012 with the addition of a high-aspect bermuda rig sail. The brand-new model if much, much, much faster. The old style has the more multicolored sail (white with red, blue and yellow stripes) while the new far better model has a 2-tone blue sail and the oar steering. The oar steering is preferable to the old model’s rudder. You actually need the oar for far better control when coming about.
The Sea Eagle SailCat is a fun, uncomplicated to cruise inflatable catamaran sailboat. Great for new sailors and little ones, this boat is comfortable and maneuverable yet sails briskly in moderate wind.

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Catalina Flyer: Sea Eagle 14′ SailCat Inflatable Boat with Deluxe

There has never been a sailboat more simple to set-up, sail, or transport. The SeaEagle SailCat 14sc weighs only 97-lbs. It is virtually maintenance free, and packs into two nylon carry/storage bags. Do Not be deceived,

SHE LEARNED TO SAIL in about 3 minutes – amazing what you h

Jim and Gail have taken their Sea Eagle SailCat to nearby Bear Lake and have sailed in the very salty Great Salt Lake. Future motoring-and-boating trips may include a trip to Puerto Penasco, Mexico, often called Rocky Point,

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