FoldCat Review

The Sea Eagle FoldCat 440 inflatable pontoon is definitely  not Grandpa’s old fishing-boat. Nor is the 375fc

Contemporary technologies have advanced to the level where the improvement of sunshine, nonetheless far better elements has introduced to produce of people light-weight, simple to maneuver inflatable pontoons. Many of the inflatable pontoons across the industry nowadays may be only a couple of seaters, nonetheless the Sea Eagle FoldCat 440 includes a potential of 4 folks around 950 pounds, despite the fact that coming inside a svelte 101 pounds itself.

Lots of anglers are abandoning the traditional style fishing-boat and changing their old heavy trailer towed watercraft by using this light, appropriate layout. It’s many rewards nonetheless the main a particular within my guide is you don’t need to connect a trailer for that automobile to tow this boat for that fishing place. It creates in 5 to 10 minutes that’s so straightforward that anybody could place it with one another.

What do you like to do most in a boat?

Sea Eagle FoldCat

Another large benefit is the fact you are not wasting gasoline. With gasoline costs effectively greater than $3.00 for every gallon (in individuals days I am creating this and predicted to visit elevated), oftentimes we’d need to forego our fishing activities since within the cost. Forget about! This doesn’t indicate, nonetheless, that you simply ‘have’ to make the most of oars to propel the FoldCat 440. It possesses a built-in motor mount that supports a 4 h . p . gas (60 pounds. max excess body body fat) or around 70 four lb. thrust electrical engine.

The FoldCat 440 is mild body weight, easy to produce and comfy, however strong sufficient to acquire a beating. In addition, it rows like a desire, gliding more than water with without any energy whatsoever.

The Sea Eagle FoldCat 440 is your fishing machine which is set up within 5 minutes right out of your car trunk because it uses Sea Eagle´s patented technology saving you a lot of money compared to the conventional gas-consuming bass boats. Thanks to Sea Eagle’s patent you can hit the hull material with a claw hammer with the sharp claw end (I would not recommend that though…)

Features of the FoldCat normally not found in regular pontoon watercraft

Unique Folding Frame Exclusive!

Most pontoon watercraft possess a large, metal frame with many different parts. The FoldCat  features a unique, patented Folding Frame design that assembles in 5 minutes.

Full Floor

The FoldCat features a full floor so you have a lot more useful space than regular pontoon fishing boats for sale available – which is a “back-up” that catches gear you may drop. This allows you to definitely certainly carry more fishing tackle and supplies than regular pontoon watercraft.

Up to 4 Fly fishing rod Holders

Top quality fly fishing rod holders mount into pre-drilled holes on two benches. Each rod holder accepts all rods, lock-in ring holds fly fishing rod risk-free, rotates 360°.

Motormount up to 3hp

The FoldCat is definitely an very light boat, with almost no drag, and motors perfectly by getting an electrical outboard. Getting a 3hp gas engine, the FoldCat rips along at 8 knots, quick enough to produce headway against tides or headwinds.

Two Large Inflatable Pontoons

The FoldCat Features super-bouyant 16″ pontoons spread broadly apart. The 4’6″ beam offers the boat incredible stability as with comparison with a hard hull boat.

Two 360° swivel seats

Plenty of back support and generous cushions generate the lap of luxury on every fishing trip. Instant snapon/ snap-off without tools.

Two Carry Bags

FoldCat packs tightly and carries nicely inside two durable nylon material material carry bags (hull bag incorporated). Are put easily in the full-size vehicle trunk.

Differences between the FoldCat 375fc and the 440fc

The FoldCat 375fc & 440fc have recessed one way valves. The 375fc has 1 on each pontoon & the 440fc has 2 on each pontoon.
Thus the FoldCat 375 has 2 basic positions forswivel seats – one in front and one in rear. The SE 440 hasnine separate possible positions for seats.
One or two in thefront, one or two in the middle and one or two in the rear.
The most common configurations are 3 seats or 4 seats -i.e. 2 front, one rear, two front, two rear. In truth you have many possible variations, since every place you see 4 holes drilled on the aluminum benches you can attach a swivel seat.
Also the SE 375 Deluxe Package includes 2 rod holders and the Pro Angler’s Package includes 4 rod holders. The SE 440 Deluxe Package
includes 4 rod holders and 6 rod holders in the Pro Angler’s Package.