Inflatable Pontoons

This special watercraft is, as the old saying goes, a horse of a different color.
Pontoon boats are specifically designed for entertaining friends and enjoying
a leisurely day on the lake. As design and engine power have improved,
some people also use their pontoon boat as a ski boat. But most shop for and
purchase this type of craft for a limited type of use – sitting back and
Some manufacturers identify their different lines by size and purpose. For
instance, a pontoon boat may be a touring boat, a sport boat or a luxury
pontoon craft. These are general categories and the line between classes of
pontoon boat is sometimes blurred. But a luxury boat might have an overall
length of 25 feet to 30 feet, with a deck that is 10 feet wide. Some of these
larger craft will hold 15 to 20 people comfortably.
The slightly smaller touring model, or midsize model, might be about 20 feet
to 24 feet in length and hold 12 to 14 people on a sunny afternoon. The sport
pontoon can be about the same size as the touring model, perhaps a few feet
shorter, and might hold as many people. There are sometimes fewer options
or different options with the sport model. Again, these are very general
descriptions that may vary with manufacturer.
Some pontoon boats are specially designed with the fisherman in mind,
though this again depends on the manufacturer.  Most pontoon boats are
shown with outboard motors (some of the larger, luxury craft may have two
outboard engines

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