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Torqeedo Travel 1003

Suppose you can easily and cleanly break your outboard lower intointo three parts for straightforward transport and storage. As well as with couple of just a couple of simple steps, restore it back together again. Suppose you can accelerate with your control that the enjoyment around the water starts whenever you cast off within the harbor. Suppose you can vary from traveling ahead to astern with only a twist from the hands. Using the Torqueedo Travel 1003 you can converse in a normal volume through the whole journey. You really can! And when it comes to performance and efficiency, it offers everything a gasoline outboard offers, but it’s far simpler, quieter and much more eco-friendly.

For which boats is the Torqueedo Travel 1003?

The Torqueedo Travel 1003 drives tenders, dinghies and day sailers as high as 1.5 tons very easily for roughly 10 hrs. The tiller display using its integrated GPS navigation receiver constantly supplies a precise summary of how rapidly you’re traveling and also the remaining range, to ensure that you always realize that you’ll have the ability to get to the place you want to get to. If the lithium battery is drained, recharge it when you are getting to the shoreline or by using the 12V on-board system. To do this, you do not need to disassemble the Torqueedo Travel 1003.  It’s enough to disconnect the battery, which, around 9 pounds really isn’t very heavy, and carry it energy energy source.

You may also improve your range while on the water using the photo voltaic charger to increase the battery charge.

The Torqueedo Travel 1003 is the perfect outboard for the 440fc Fold Cat. Weighs 30.8 lbs. Long shaft – 29.3″

The Torqeedo Electric Motor is more than just another electric trolling motor. In fact, its not even a trolling motor at all. This thing should definitely come with a torque warning to inexperienced users.  Maybe small children and the elderly need to hold on tight as they watch this gear test video put the Torqeedo Electric Motor through its paces while mounted on two different Sea Eagle water craft.

  • High power and range in a small package. Delivers the performance of a 3hp gas motor while offering 30% more battery capacity.
  • Develops 4-5 times the power of traditional electric motors.
  • Fully waterproof design, IP 67. All components can be submersed for 1 hour at 3′ below surface without any harm.
  • Integrated GPS and information system provides precise real-time information on battery charge status, remaining range at current speed, speed over ground and power consumption.
  • Improved mechanical stability, ruggedness and suitability for salt water use.
  • Auto-kickup feature in case of grounding.